MOSKITRAP - flycatcher
MOSKITRAP - flycatcher
MOSKITRAP - flycatcher
MOSKITRAP - flycatcher
MOSKITRAP - flycatcher
MOSKITRAP - flycatcher

MOSKITRAP - flycatcher

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Enjoy a calm and healthy summer this year.
Don't wait to be flown over by a wave of flies on sunny days.

⚠️ Did you know that flies carry millions of bacteria on their tiny hairy bodies? That's because they're drawn to places where bacteria thrive: feces, garbage cans, rotten food, etc.

They just land on your food (the food on your counter, on the dining room table, etc.).

And now you have it: the bacteria are on your food, ready to eat! By eating food contaminated with flies, you expose yourself to serious diseases: dysentery, typhoid, diarrhea, and even cholera.

Take matters into your own hands now and keep your home free of these insects with our MOSKITRAP flycatcher.

* The very first electric flycatcher, non-toxic, QUIET, and EFFECTIVE. *

Say goodbye to fly stickers, insect bombs, and other accessories that harm you and your loved ones.

The MOSKITRAP flycatcher is designed to attract and catch flies thanks to an intelligent rotating mechanism, the effectiveness of which has been proven by numerous tests.


  • Terrible flies are attracted by the bait deposited in the trap and enjoy a delicious meal by landing under the rotating paddle.
  • Thanks to its calibrated speed, which is just below the flies' alertness threshold, it is designed to be constantly on the move without scaring the flies.
  • In this way, the pallet catches the flies and pulls them into the collecting container.
  • For environmental reasons, the device is not battery operated.

You can use other foods to attract flies to the trap. Here is a list of foods you can use to get rid of flies:

  • syrup
  • alcohol
  • honey
  • jam


  • 1 X MOSKITRAP flycatcher
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