SECURELOCK Ultra Secure Padlock
SECURELOCK Ultra Secure Padlock
SECURELOCK Ultra Secure Padlock
SECURELOCK Ultra Secure Padlock
SECURELOCK Ultra Secure Padlock

SECURELOCK Ultra Secure Padlock

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Discover without further delay our SECURELOCK Ultra Secure Padlock, the first indestructible padlock that uses your fingerprint to open! 


SECURELOCK Ultra Secure Padlock offers unprecedented security: don't be afraid that someone else can open your lock!

Classic padlocks can sometimes be insecure, if your code is easy to guess, or if you lose your keys!

With this padlock, worry no longer! You only need your fingerprint to open it. The device can register up to 10 different fingerprints if you want your padlock to be able to be opened by your friends or family as well. The padlock uses Key ID technology to record and recognize your imprints.     


SECURELOCK Ultra Secure Padlock has  a lithium battery and can be recharged using a micro USB cable. The padlock tells you when its battery is low and needs to be recharged, a red light comes on.

Once loaded, the padlock recognizes your fingerprint and unlocks in less than a second! The padlock recharges in just 6 hours, and the battery lasts a full year! You won't have to worry about having to recharge it regularly.

Made in a  zinc alloy, this padlock is resistant to very high temperatures and it is indestructible. It is scratch and break resistant and cannot be unlocked by an unregistered borrower.

The fingerprint sensor cannot be scratched or damaged. It has a  special coating virtually indestructible ..



SECURELOCK Ultra Secure Padlock can be used to lock anything you want! 

Its wide shape also allows you to secure a locker, a safe, a drawer, a door, a suitcase ... What you need!

No more losing your keys or never knowing or putting them or even forgetting your code. 

No more wasting time looking for your keys or worrying about the wrong code. The arms charge, for example, open your padlock in 1 second and with one hand!

It's also  water and weather resistant if you need to leave it outside.



SECURELOCK Ultra Secure Padlock ensures your safety and that of your property in several places. Indeed, this accessory is used indoors as well as outdoors. It even turns out to be useful and efficient during travel and leisure time.  

  • At the sports

The moments of distraction and leisure should not be a source of unpleasant surprises due to a lack of attention. To avoid all this hassle, be sure to bring the fingerprint padlock to lock the locker in your gym or your bike chain, for example. Ingenious and practical!

  • Travelling

A departure on vacation or a business trip in sight? In either case, consider bringing your fingerprint lock to secure your belongings during your trip. It is the ideal solution to close your suitcase in the hold or cabin!  

  • At home

Do you keep important files that you want to keep secret? The fingerprint padlock is ideal for ensuring the security of your safe.   

Otherwise, it also keeps furniture tightly closed like locks on cupboards, cupboards and dressers, for example.

It is the ideal and practical solution if you do Bnb or run a guest house, for example. On the other hand, the fingerprint padlock can also be found in other rooms of the house such as the cellar or the attic for example, and it is a plus for young children and their safety. 

  • At work

This security element is also invited in your workplace. It fully plays its role in keeping your important and confidential documents out of sight.

This time the padlock is used to lock your locker, drawer or supply cabinet, etc.  



  • To register your fingerprint

Before doing anything on this programmable lock, first, make sure your finger is dry and clean.  

To register your fingerprint , first, place your finger on the pad. Press it for 5 seconds without moving. After this time, you should see a blinking blue light. This will then change to green. You must then quickly put your finger on the pad again. But this time, place your finger on the pad at a new angle.  

For the total registration of your fingerprint, be aware that you will have to repeat this action ten times. This allows the padlock to properly register your entire fingerprint . So you can open it regardless of the part of the impression you place.  

At the end of the operation, you will hear a long "beep" which validates it. That's it ! 

  • To add more footprints

It is also important to know that this smart padlock has the capacity to register up to 10 fingerprints. You no longer have to worry about other people who use it with you (family, work colleagues, etc.).   

To register other fingerprints, simply repeat the previous operation with the other users of the padlock. 

  • To erase fingerprints 

An employee who leaves the company, a roommate who moves, etc. There may be times when you need to erase the fingerprints stored in the padlock. No problem ! This fully customizable object allows you to add and remove footprints as you see fit.  

In order to erase the fingerprints, it is essential that you are the first to have registered yours. 

Put your finger on the padlock pad for ten seconds, a red light comes on. Seeing this signal, you need to remove your finger and put it back in the same place. A green indicator should appear followed by a long "beep". This is the signal that confirms to you that the fingerprint directory saved on the padlock has been deleted.


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